DWANG 'Hate it or Love it'

Arcade Art Gallery is pleased to announce the opening of HATE IT OR LOVE IT, by DWANG.

If you are a Kaohsiung local, you’re no doubt familiar with these five letters: D W A N G.Painted all over our city, the name ‘DWANG’ has become part of the Kaohsiung urban landscape. Young and ambitious, Taiwanese Graffiti artist DWANG will take over the Gallery, and cover our walls.

HATE IT OR LOVE IT will showcase these live works on June 19th.

Opening reception: June 19th, 2020 @6 pm Exhibition Period: June 19th 2020 - June 30th. Arcade Art Gallery #154-2f Nanhua rd. Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

Arcade Art Gallery非常榮幸的宣布DWANG的個展 HATE IT OR LOVE IT 即將到來!

身為在地高雄人的你,毫無疑問的,你對 D W A N G 再也熟悉不過。DWANG的名字被畫在高雄的各個角落,成為高雄這個城市的一部分景象。 年輕且富有野心的台灣塗鴉藝術家 DWANG 將會佔領藝廊,將藝廊的四面牆全面覆蓋。

HATE IT OR LOVE IT 將會在6月19日展示現場的塗鴉工作。

現場塗鴉展示:2020年6月19日,晚上6點整 展覽時間:2020年6月19日—2020年6月30日 Arcade Art Gallery #154-2f Nanhua rd. Kaohsiung, Taiwan

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