“ZOOK! VOL2.; Life goes on’’

Arcade Art Gallery 很樂意地宣布台灣本土藝術家 ZOOK! 將舉行個人展覽 “ZOOK! Vol.2; Life Goes On” 距離 ZOOK! 上次與 Arcade Art Gallery 合作的個展已過兩年,我們將再次榮幸地展 示其新作 “ZOOK! Vol.2; Life Goes On” 此次展覽聚焦在 ZOOK! 的日常生活,用更 具個人色彩及更幽默的方式詮釋台灣文化。作品整體展現出 ZOOK! 個人縝密的批 判,同時也表現出他對台灣文化價值與信仰致上最深層的敬意。透過 ZOOK! 獨有的 商標、個人化的色彩運用與強烈的線條運用, ZOOK! 給予台灣草根文化強而有力的 新聲。 - Arcade Art Gallery is pleased to announce “ZOOK! Vol.2; Life Goes On” a new solo exhibition by Taiwan-based artist ZOOK!. It’s been 2 years since ZOOK! had his last solo show with Arcade Art Gallery, and we are proud to present his new body of work, ’ZOOK! Vol.2; Life Goes On’. This new exhibition offers a much more personal, humorous commentary on Taiwanese Culture focused on ZOOK!’s daily life. The works offer thoughtful critique, while simultaneously paying homage to traditional Taiwanese values and beliefs. With his now trademark, personal colour palette and strong lines, ZOOK! has given the Taiwanese Grassroots culture a new voice. - “ZOOK! VOL2.; Life goes on’’ 開幕時間:3月28日(六) 15:00—19:00 展覽時間:3月28日(六)—4月25日(六) info@arcadeartgallery.com - “ZOOK! VOL2.; Life goes on’’ Opening Reception - March 28th 15:00-19:00 Showing Through April 25th info@arcadeartgallery.com

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