For many years, the Spanish street- and formerly Graffiti artist OKUDA has been turning heads all over the globe with his flamboyant art. Born in 1980 with a spray can in hand since 1997, he has become a master of merging pop art with surrealism. Contemporary spray paint has enabled him to shine amongst the endless clouds in todays urban environment. OKUDA (aka Oscar San Miguel Erice) brought his Spanish flair to SWK festival (Stadt.Wand.Kunst) in the German city of Mannheim.

The amazingly big facade of the Mannheim appartment complex called for some amazing artwork. And amazing is where Okuda excels. With notions of motiv, inspiration, motivation, free love, equality and multiculturalism at the for of his concepts, Okuda uses vibrant color, geometry and figures in nature, to head toward these goals. Whether it be a sun flower or elements of animal forms, with color and line he brings them all together.

In a world with too much advertising, Okuda is on a mission to culturally inspire. And with an opaque color pallete full of eye catching pigment, his street art and studio fine art hits the mark. With an anthem of uplifting electronic music as background sound, Okuda weathered all that Mannheim could throw at him and the untitled image he leaves behind is a monument to his abilities.

Source : Montana-Blog

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