Taiwan Is Not Taipei

'Taiwan Is Not Taipei'

A project by Arcade Art Gallery & It's A Living

1 Color hand pulled Screen Print (Green Or Red) Canson Montval 39.5 x 54.75 cm Edition of 25 Signed by the Artist

Printed in Taiwan by Small4 Printing.


'Taiwan is not Taipei. Taiwan is mountains, farms, forests and beaches. It's everything from a modern Metropolis, to an Aboriginal community, a rural farming town, a gritty industrial park, to a seaside fishing village. It's professionals, farmers, immigrants, labourers and fishermen. Taiwan is so much more than a single city.'

'臺灣不是台北。 臺灣是山脈、農場、森林和海灘。 從現代的大都市到原住民社區、農村小鎮;從堅固的工業園區,到海濱漁村,應有盡有。 臺灣是個富有專業的地方:農民、移民、勞工和漁民。 臺灣不僅僅是一個城市。'

For more information : info@arcadeartgallery.com

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