We would like to share our appreciation of our friend and great Artist, Sandro Sen2 Figueroa. Last year, with the help of Wallriors & Iam Madrid, we coordinated the visit of SEN2 to Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Time was of the essence on this project, as Sandro SEN2 (NYC) only had 48 hours to travel from the US to Taiwan and then complete a large scale Mural. He arrived in town late at night, but as per his request, we still went for supper to catch up and talk the about project. At 8:00 am the next morning, Sandro and JUNE were up and eager to start their first day of work. From morning until sun down, they worked non-stop. That night we were all kindly invited for a Welcome Dinner by Government of Kaohsiung. However, true to form, right after Dinner, Sandro wanted to return to the wall and get a little more work in before calling it a night. However, around 10 pm the local Government insisted the guys take a break and join them at the local watering hole for a celebration in their honour. Needless to say, we had a good time and didn't make it to bed until the wee hours of the morning. The next day Sandro was awake, still smiling, and ready to go by 8 am. It had been a crazy couple of days, but in only 48 hours from start to finish, SEN2 completed his beautiful mural. He headed back to NYC. - It was an amazing experience hosting SEN2 in Taiwan, but also an incredible demonstration of how a passionate Artist works. Sandro really showed us what hard work is all about. It certainly wasn’t an easy task, especially with the jetlag and all, but SEN2 always kept it real and above all, professional. - We would like to thank him once again for his generosity and his dedication. We are more than thrilled to have his work in our community and to be able to promote this great artist in Taiwan. - Thanks again SEN2 Sandro Figueroa

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