A pioneer who constantly pushes Taiwanese graffiti to the international platform, and courageously dedicates his life to graffiti. Battling through Europe, Japan and China, Reach has gotten up to disseminate the passion of Taiwanese graffiti. With vast experience transforming from Bomber, Wildstyle, to 3D, Reach’s style carries mature and confine penetration. He fades out the glamorous techniques and applies a breezy attitude to piece together the dribs and drabs of life. Clean and clear colors with well-crafted contouring reflects his persistence in his life philosophy for perfection. Depending on the rise and fall of his mood, his creations vary from simple to complicated art forms, a reflection of his mind. With extensive experience, he has never given up on this tough journey of graffiti. His art has already attracted multiple industries and fields for collaboration. Passion is the force behind his persistence and without regret, he keeps moving forward.

He is a pioneer for Taiwanese graffiti development, constantly pushing the local culture abroad. Recently in 2008, Reach published his first publication, "Tooya-Taiwan Graffiti", and has continued to established his place on the global platform.



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