Labrona is one of Canada's most well-known street artists. He has been a fixture on the Canadian and international street art scene for close to twenty years. Labrona was born in Magog Quebec in 1972 but grew up in Ottawa Ontario. 

He moved to Montreal in 1997 to attend Concordia University's art program from which he graduated in 2001. It was during his time at art school that he was introduced to the Montreal graffiti scene. He has said that he received two educations at once, one in art school and the other in the train yards and on the streets painting with his friend and mentor, Canadian street art legend ‘OTHER’ aka Troy Lovegates. 

His artistic influences are many but he cites the countless nights spent painting with his friends as the most important. His father who is an architect and an accomplished artist played a huge role in his development. As a child he loved comic books and skateboarding and was greatly influenced by the colorful graphics that adorn the bottom of the boards.  During university he spent a lot of time in the library pouring through books but was the most impressed with the works of the German expressionist, the Mexican muralist, Byzantine and Flemish religious iconography traces of which are found in his work.

In 2004 Labrona appeared in one of the seminal books of its time on the street art and graffiti scene: Graffiti World. The book helped him receive wide recognition for his work and he was soon approached by galleries from around the world. He has exhibited his work in galleries all over Europe and North America and has had major shows in Los Angeles, Paris, New York, London and Montreal. 

Labrona now spends most of his time creating works in the studio and doing mural commissions.


Labrona是加拿大知名的街頭藝術家之一。 近二十年來,他一直是加拿大和國際街頭藝術界的常客。 Labrona於1972年出生于魁北克,但在渥太華長大。


他於1997年搬到蒙特婁市參加康考迪亞大學的藝術項目,並於2001年畢業。在藝術學院期間,他被介紹到蒙特利爾的塗鴉領域。 他曾說他同時接受了兩種教育,一種是在藝術學校、另一種是在火車場和街道上與他的朋友們及他的導師:加拿大街頭藝術傳奇’OTHER' 又名 Troy Lovegates一起創作。


他的藝術受了不少影響,但他指出在無數的夜晚與朋友們一起創作是最重要的。 他的父親是一位建築師,同時也是一位成功的藝術家,並在Labrona的生涯發展中扮演了巨大的角色。 在孩童時期,他喜歡漫畫書和滑板,並受到了滑板底部鮮豔彩色的影響。 在大學期間,他花了很多時間在圖書館裡翻閱書籍,但對德國表現主義、墨西哥壁畫家、東羅馬帝國和法蘭德斯宗教圖像學的遺跡作品印象最深刻,而這些也都出現在他的作品中。


2004年,Labrona出現在當時街頭藝術和塗鴉領域中的一本開創性書籍中:Graffiti World。 這本書幫助他獲得了廣泛的認可,他很快就接觸到了來自世界各地的藝廊。他曾在歐洲和北美洲的藝廊展出他的作品,也曾在洛杉磯、巴黎、紐約、倫敦、和蒙特婁市舉辦過大型展出。




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