Born in Padua in 1974

He lives and works in Padua

Joys, began his artistic career in the nineties, as many writers begins by writing his name on the wall and focuses his research on lettering, first as a need for existence then turning into a need for evolution; quickly, expands his work enriching it with thickness and materiality. His research goes beyond the two dimensions and acquires over time a plasticity that appropriates the territory and the use of an involuntary and unconscious public.

Hovering between undeground and institutional, the research of Joys has been recognized by the insiders of the art system as unprecedented and very personal thanks to its maniacal study of lettering: shapes that over time are stratified and enriched by levels and lines with Joys has built impossible labyrinths where nothing is left to chance and the shapes always obey precise logical and geometric rules.

For years Joys has extended his language to sculpture, using different materials but always maintaining a unique style, the same style that has made it unmistakable for 20 years on the walls of the world.





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