Cekis’s career as a visual artist began in the city streets of his native Santiago, Chile. He started painting murals while in high school, and was inspired by the New York graffiti culture and the social mural propaganda from the heavily marked political stage in Chile in 1980’s. After graduating of High School he then decided to become an active graffiti artist. Over time, his work embodied a young generation of artists. His work transcended communities, helping to create a new massive appeal for a new street culture in Chile. In 2004, Nelson moved to New York, seeking to grow more comprehensively as a creator and adult. Due to the lack of access to paint public walls in New York, his work started to move slowly into the studio and it has broadened into an experimental and investigative collection, developing his own way to paint. His unique perspective as a foreigner only adds more intrigue. Nelson has participated in numerous exhibitions and mural projects locally and across the United States as well as internationally. 


CEKIS 的視覺藝術家職業生涯開始於智利聖地亞哥的城市街道。受到紐約塗鴉文化和80年代智利政治舞台上的社會壁畫宣傳之啟發,他在高中時期開始彩繪壁畫。高中畢業後,他決定成為一名活躍的塗鴉藝術家。隨著時間的推移,他的作品體現了年輕一代的藝術家。他的作品超越了社區,為智利的新世代街頭文化創造了巨大的吸引力。 2004年, 作為一位創作者及一位成年人,Nelson為了尋求更廣泛及多樣化的成長而搬到紐約。由於無法入門紐約公共牆面的彩繪,他的作品開始慢慢移至工作室內,並且已經擴展為試驗性和研究性的收藏,也開啟了他自己的繪彩繪方式。作為外國人,他獨特的透視畫法只讓他增添更多的吸引力。Nelson參與了許多不管是美國當地、甚至是全球性的展覽和壁畫項目。


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