OKUDA san miguel transforms neglected home into 'rainbow embassy' art center

Spanish street artist Okuda san miguel has revitalized a dilapidated house in arkansas with his signature-style of colorful geometrics. transforming a formerly untended area of fort smith he has created ‘the rainbow embassy’ for global creative house; justkids. The project is part of ‘unexpected’, an effort to revitalize dilapidated areas in arkansas through a series of immersive arts initiatives by providing new spaces for wonder, vibrancy and play. OKUDA has painted a neglected house in the area using multi-colored geometric shapes, lines and animal motifs. justkids was appointed by 64.6 downtown for its fifth year in a row to enrich the cityscape and community of the town. it in turn invi


SEN2 Sandro Figueroa García, artistically known as Sen2, was born in 1969 and grew up in Canteras, a rough neighborhood of Santurce (Puerto Rico). In the 1980’s his fascination with graffiti, color and letter forms took a hold of Sen2’s dreams. He chased his dreams to the streets of New York, where he began to cultivate his love for urban art creating graffiti murals and commercial works. But his vision was broader. Sen2 evolved from spray painting wild-style pieces on trains and walls to developing mixed media works on canvases. He moved from classical New York graffiti art to a combination of graphic lettering styles with 3-D elements, imagery of pop art, and abstract art techniques. Se

Banksy Holidays 2019

Recent piece by Banksy for this Holiday season; 'God bless Birmingham. In the 20 minutes we filmed Ryan on this bench passers-by gave him a hot drink, two chocolate bars and a lighter - without him ever asking for anything.' - Banksy

Pawel Swanski

It was a delight to welcome @pawel_swanski and @weronika_naive Aka Mr. & Mrs. Swanski in Kaohsiung, Taiwan!

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