Paola Delfín

Latest project with Paola Delfín, Kaohsiung, Taiwan 2019.

Paola Delfin X SKEE

"Raices" Collaboration Wall between Mexican Artist ; Paola Delfin and Taiwanese Artist; SKEE. Kaohsiung, Taiwan 2019.


ZOOK! Hip-hop, skateboarding, and graffiti describe best Taiwan's street culture. Indeed, with the influence of extreme sports in the 1990s, the American hip-hop culture and skateboarding, young people in Taiwan began to express themselves using graffiti in the streets. Since a very young age, ZOOK! loves painting and drawing. At the age of 16, influenced by hip-hop, he comes in contact with the graffiti scene and found his first canvases in the street, developing his talent in the back alley and abandoned buildings. His visual language is deeply influenced by its surroundings: the traditional image of Taiwan blend with the modern street culture. These two roots define his unique art style.

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