CEKIS ' Mural in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

Under Kaohsiung's Plum Rains, Chilean Artist CEKIS completed this beautiful mural. Xingli Street, Lingya District, Kaohsiung City, 802 Pictures by 黃思強 (PAC)

WERC's Mural in Kaohsiung, Taiwan

An other Mural! This time, we invited Mexican Artist WERC, who created an amazing piece with a strong message . WERC : “Formosan Forms” acrylic & spray paint on concrete 2018. The design is a collage of flora and fauna native to Taiwan including the pangolin which is now the most trafficked animal in the world, included in the endangered species list, & accounting for at least 20% of all illegal wildlife trade. In fact we are entering a sixth mass extinction with over half of all animals have been lost since the 70’s. How would Pachamama be without birds in the trees, without deers in the forest or fish in the sea? Will our children’s children only experience our fellow mammals thru VR? Thru

Spanish Artist MURONE in Kaohsiung Taiwan

Murone brought to life another of his signature and vibrant abstract murals which will surely be enjoyed by the local residents for years to come! No. 24, Xingren Road, Lingya District Kaohsiung City, 802

MURO in Taiwan

Spanish Artist MURO just started his mural here in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Pictures by 黃思強

ARLIN GRAFF Completed Mural in Taiwan

— Brazilian Artist, Arlin Graff , was invited to Kaohsiung, Taiwan by Arcade Art Gallery and the Lingya District Office to participate in an ongoing city beautification project. Arlin spent 10 days to complete his beautiful mural in Weiwu. On the mural’s completion Arlin provided this thoughtful explanation of his subject matter: « I spent a lot of this past winter in my studio in Detroit. Some days I would sit at my desk with my pencil and sketchbook in my hand, looking out the window, waiting for the inspiration to come. Most of what I saw outside the windows was brown and very snowy and lifeless. But every once in a while, a flash of vibrant red would appear when a cardinal came to rest o

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