Azukar (Santiago de Chile, 1986), is a painter, designer and graffiti writer. He studied indoor design and decoration and art direction. He is an active graffiti writer with the acclaimed and controversial international graffiti collective “2012k”;. With them he has written graffiti in Peru, Mexico, Brazil, China, Japan, Switzerland, France and other countries. 

Among his visual work, pride of place is taken by his participation in the exhibition “Diálogos de Emancipación”(2012), “Emancipation dialogues” (2012) at the Galería Metropolitana, Metropolitan Gallery, Santiago de Chile, where he built and inhabited a “chara” for a few days (“charas” are makeshift temporary living spaces built by prison inmates in Chile). Whilst “living” in his “chara” he produced improvised weapons and liquor, as it happens in real life.  

He has been invited to Cuba to show his work at the Casa de las Américas, as part of the exhibition “Imágenes de Chile”(2013), “Images from Chile”, where he displayed a selection of photographs of his paintings and installations, together with 23 other Chilean artists.



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